Check Your Credit First Canada is a quick, easy & secure way to check your Canadian credit report and credit score online. In just minutes you can have access to your full credit report & score, giving you the same information banks and finance companies have.

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Your Canadian credit report is only helpful if you know how to read it. Check Your Credit First Canada proudly offers free credit education to help you read your credit report and understand your credit score.

At CheckYourCreditFirst.com you get free access to the Canadian credit information you need to gain control of your credit career.

  • Consumer Credit – Real Canadian definitions for the most common types of credit
  • Credit Reporting – Find out how credit reporting works in Canada
  • Credit Scores – How credit scores are calculated and what they mean for you
  • Canadian Financing – We use real examples to show you how to get approved

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Check Your Credit First Canada is 100% independently owned & operated by proud Canadians. Because we are not owned by a credit reporting agency, bank or finance company, we can support you, the consumer, instead of the shareholders.

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As a Canadian you are entitled to receive a free credit report, if you put your request in writting.

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